Conserving Nature in A Changing Climate



I co-authored and edited the Open Space Institute's Conserving Nature in a Changing Climate: A Guide for Land Trusts in the Northeast. This 114-page, peer-reviewed, illustrated handbook explains how to use climate resilience science to protect land and wildlife.


My combination of journalism and book-publishing skills makes me an editorial Swiss Army knife, wielding the tools you need to communicate effectively with your organization's members and the audiences that support your work.* These services include planning, gathering and organizing relevant information, transforming it into compelling prose, packaging it pleasingly with a designer, and then shepherding it through the production process. 

​Recent employers and clients have included EcoAmerica (part-time blogger & social-media manager), the Open Space Institute (full-time science communications lead) and (contract ghostwriter). I’ve also top-edited the member magazines of the Environmental Grantmakers Association, the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, and the National Writers Union, and copy edited scientific journals for Taylor & Francis. Plus, I've completed individual projects for the Association of Women in SciencePennFuture, the National Employment Law Project, and others.


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*I do not offer conventional public relations or marketing services. Rather, I'm the one to call for fact-based content to inform those in the field or cause you serve.

Miranda C. Spencer

Freelance Writer & Editor

Miranda C. Spencer - Freelance Writer & Editor

Miranda C. Spencer


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