Editing Book Proposals, Articles, Monographs, etc.


Negotiable flat fee based on manuscript assessment 

Performing Research and Composing Rough Drafts


Writing all or parts of individual chapters of your larger project




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Negotiable flat fee+co-author status and/or royalties


You are a writer with too little time, a non-writer who is an expert but not a writer....or just someone with a great story to tell.  You seek a long-term collaborator/co-author to bring your project to fruition. You probably have an agent, a publisher, and/or funding committed to the project.


Your manuscript doesn’t exist yet… it’s still just an idea, a bunch of notes, or partially finished chapters.  This is the ghostwriting option, leading to a publishable manuscript.

NOTE: Multiple rounds of editing are at reduced fees, assuming less editing is required at each round.



$10 per page and up


You face the same challenges as the person at Level 2, but you aren’t as far along.  Or maybe you just feel “stuck.” You  want more advice and coaching so you can revise your draft to Level 1 or better.

Your manuscript is complete or mostly so, but it is in rough draft form. It needs help with focus, organization, content, flow, clarity, and/or length as well as mechanics. This is a heavy to very heavy, developmental edit and may include some wholesale rewriting.



Negotiable flat fee+acknowledgment


You seek a short-term collaborator to help you improve and complete your manuscript, possibly including some research, rewriting and ghostwriting in your “voice.”


Your manuscript is still in progress and you know you could benefit from a combination of coaching and developmental editing. This package will prepare you to revise your draft to Level 2 or better and then undergo another round of editing so it becomes a publishable manuscript. 



$5 per page


You are an experienced author, and probably have a book contract, an agent, and/or previous publications under your belt. If a first-timer, you’ve worked long and hard on the manuscript and know it’s solid…but need that final polish.


Your manuscript is almost, but not quite, ready for submission.  It's fairly clean – well organized, well written, and close to appropriate length. You simply need a light edit: a mechanical tune-up and professional “eyeball.” 



$7.50 per page


You may be experienced or a newbie, but you lack time to refine your draft and/or know your project needs a thorough edit and suggestions for improvement in order to become a publishable manuscript.

Your manuscript is complete or mostly so, but it is not ready for prime time. You need a moderate to heavy edit. Besides mechanics such as grammar, spelling, punctuation, and so on, it also needs a moderate to heavy edit for organization, content, clarity, repetition, tone, specificity, etc. 



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