I'm a journalist and book editor who offers a nose for news, an ear for language, and an eye for detail gleaned from 30 years of eclectic publishing experience.  My business provides writing and editing services to news media, publishers, and individuals. To-gether, we produce projects with purpose, power, and personality.

I'm based halfway between New York City and Philadelphia, in an under-rated state called New Jersey. But my heart-home is a tiny town in southwestern New Hampshire. Have ticket, will travel.


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"Miranda can always be counted on for insightful, accurate and challenging copy --meaning she's an editor's dream. Miranda is a sharp analyst and a seasoned journalist with a unique voice."


Jennifer Pozner, Executive Director & Founder, Women In Media & News (WIMN)

“I have hired Miranda countless times to edit books as well as magazine articles and other works–she is the best freelance editor I know of, and I hope to work with her again–often.”


Gene Stone, author of 40 books

What's New? 


* On February 19, I gave a lecture about my two-part investigative series on how exporting natural-gas byproducts to Europe affects Pennsylvania’s residents in an honors seminar at Drexel University in Philadelphia.


* Why does the medical journal The Lancet consider climate change both the “biggest global health threat” and the “greatest global health opportunity” of the 21st century?  Find out soon, when a well-known international service organization publishes my latest feature. (Details confidential for now.)

Miranda C. Spencer

Freelance Writer & Editor

Miranda C. Spencer - Freelance Writer & Editor

Miranda C. Spencer

Email: mirandaspencer@gmail.com

Call or Text: 267-258-3328



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